Admission is offered to applicants who are the students or have qualified degree in the field of Medical Sciences/Nutritional Sciences, Natural Sciences, Food and Home Sciences, Public Health, Sports Science and Hospitality Sector.

The minimum duration of the certificate in obesity and weight management will be three month comprising of twelve modules.

Obesity is a global epidemic and a leading cause of several major non-communicable diseases including type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Prevention and management is critical in reducing the considerable health costs of obesity. This certificate course in obesity and weight management has been designed for health professionals and students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to treat obese patients effectively.

  • Deliver understanding of weight management and prevalence of overweight/obesity in local community
  • Demonstrate an understanding of various methods of treating overweight/obesity including: diet, physical activity, behavioral, pharmacological, and surgical interventions.
  • Describe the economic costs and social consequences associated with overweight/obesity.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pediatric, family and public interventions to prevent or attenuate the rise in obesity.
  • Provide comprehensive knowledge on principles and planning of therapeutic and diet management in obesity.
1Appetite Regulation, Controlled Diet and Energy Balance6-Hours
2Obesity: Epidemiology, Etiology and Health Risks6-Hours
3Measurement and Assessment Methods for Obesity Evaluation6-Hours
4Pharmacotherapy and Surgical Approaches to Weight Management6-Hours
5Dietary Approaches to Weight Management6-Hours
6Physical Activity and Weight Management6-Hours
7Dietary Supplements and Bodybuilding Diets6-Hours
8Design and Deliver Weight Loss Myths and Fad Dietary Plans6-Hours
9Lifestyle Modification and Behavior Therapy for Weight Management6-Hours
10Healthy Tips and Home Remedies for Obesity6-Hours
11Case Studies and Sample Diet Plans6-Hours
12Obesity Camp, Hospital/Gym Visit6-Hours



Successful students will get job placement in Government Sector, Hospitals and Clinics, Health Departments, INGOs, Schools & Colleges, Sports and Health Clubs, Hostels and Restaurants, Food and Pharma Industries, Research and Development Centers, Gyms, Slimming Centers, Private Consultant/Practitioner as Clinical Nutritionists, Clinical Dietitian, Management Dietitian, Consultant Dietitian, Personal Nutritionist, Health Coach, Diet Therapist, Community Dietitian, Nutrition Sales Executive and Nutrition Product Manager.

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