Matric or Above


1 Year

Program Info

This course takes a management perspective in explaining the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, and clubs. It includes information on franchising, management contracts, business ethics, human resources, marketing and much more. Charts, exhibits, hospitality industry statistics, and website listings provide useful information that can be applied on the job.

Course Objectives

This course emphasizes on the professional development of the students in the hotel management Industry and bring them at par with the minimum industry requirements.

Course Codes


NUMBER       COURSE                         CODE PROGRAMS
1                           250                                Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
2                           281                                Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
3                           333                                Managing Front Office Operations
4                           338                              Managing Housekeeping Operations
5                           357                               Managing Hospitality Human Resources
6                           100                              The Lodging and Food Service Industry
7                           103                               Hospitality Today: An Introduction
8                          323                               Fundamentals of Destination Managment and Marketing
9                          241                               Food and Beverage Management
10                        349                               Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations
11                         270                              Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
12                        374                              Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality Operations
13                        472                              Hospitality Sales and Marketing
14                        387                              Security and Loss Prevention Management
15                        391                               Understanding Hospitality Law
16                       304                               Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry
17                       354                               Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry
18                       428                               International Hotels: Development and Management
19                       260                               Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting