Intermediate / A / O-Level or Above


12 Months
(10 Months study)
(2 Months Internship)

This well-structured program enables students to learn and practice skills and tasks required for success as a professional in the Hospitality & Tourism industry. All you need to do is to be willing to learn and put in the effort to achieve the desired results. If you are ambitious and want to have a future in this dynamic industry, you have made a right choice. You will learn about a number of career possibilities available to you in hospitality and tourism sector by enrolling in this exciting career development study program.

1st Semester | 5 Months 
Sr. No.Code Courses 
 DIHO 101International Hospitality Operations PART (I)
 ENG 101Highly Recommenced English for the Hotel & Catering Industry- I
 GPDP 101Global Professional Development
 COM 101Computer Applications
2nd Semester | 5 Months 
Sr. No.Code Courses 
 DIHO 102International Hospitality Operations PART (II)
 ENG 102Highly Recommenced English for the Hotel & Catering Industry- II
 GPD 102Global Professional Development
 PRO 102Research Project: Hospitality & Tourism Operation
 IP-102Industrial Placement-2 Months


Completing a hospitality course from COTHM leads the graduates to further study pathways in the field of hospitality management . Our international office guides the pass outs as to pursuing their study in the renowned affiliated hotel schools in all regions of the world.

Total Charges: 262,000/- (PKR)

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