Distance Learning

COTHM the pioneer in hospitality education in Pakistan and declared as the best hotel school by consumer association of Pakistan. COTHM is introducing Distance Learnings Programs to meet the growing need of Hospitality, Travel, Tourism & Culinary Art professionals

The range of distance learning programs can be overwhelming. As distance learning is continuously gaining popularity this number is increasing steadily worldwide due to its easy taking process and cost effectiveness. The most important reasons for taking initiative distance learning is the higher flexibility and get good value for money compared to a conventional on-campus program. Also the quality of the study material and the digital learning environment are even more significant rather than for conventional studies.

Training Methodologies

Courses will be structured as weekly online meetings; interaction with the course tutor and other students takes place in a virtual learning environment. The courses will be designed to fit around easy schedule, access and convenience.

The different methodologies and techniques are developed as:

Online feature videotaped lectures of courses held on campus will be post to course websites weekly, online-only courses, there is no scheduled class time, so you can watch them at any time during the week.
Accompanying course materials.
Online live video conferencing with group of students.
Inter student group discussions on an online subject blog.

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Our mission is to  develop and train professionally-qualified and competent hospitality professionals through a rigorous training process, which equips the students with soft skills, technical