“Boom in Food Blogging”

Food blogging has its roots in traditional blogging. People worldwide start getting hyped on social media by making Reels and Videos and by sharing them on their personal or public Insta, Facebook and YouTube more occasionally and casually.

People love watching other people and getting inspired by them. Some by their way of living or others by sharing their everyday experiences, grab the attention of viewers. A few years back it is considered just a leisure time activity. But now it’s a Billion-dollar industry. Food influencers are working on molding people’s food choices by sharing their experiences, personal food preferences, diet requirements, and budget-friendly food by evaluating cuisines from hotels, restaurants, cafes, and local food stalls.  

Alone in Pakistan, there are hundreds of bloggers who are working in this category and are getting huge responses in return. There are some famous Food Bloggers in Pakistan. 

Famous Food Bloggers in Pakistan:

1-         Rana Hamza Saif (RHS):

Rana Hamza Saif is one of the highly-followed Instagram influencers based in Lahore. At the moment nearly 298K people followed him on Instagram. He covers food outlets from all over Pakistan. People love watching his travel and Food Vlogs. And due to his massive following, he started his own clothing line as well.

2-         Hamza Bhatti:

Hamza Bhatti is a renowned Food influencer and video creator based in Islamabad. He made engaging and professional food videos that play a vital role in grasping foodies’ attention. His gram has a family of a total of 298k followers.


3-         Adeel Chaudhry – Adeel Chaudhry Food:

Adeel Chaudhry is a well-known food critic and owner of Junoon Restaurant. This young entrepreneur loves trying and sharing his food experiences with cuisines from all over the world. A total of 286k People follow him on Instagram. He also has a separate page under the name @thestylishgravy where he shares his food recipes with foodies.

4-         Ali Rehman:

Ali Rehman is a Lahore-based digital creator and food enthusiast. He is famous on gram due to his fun and crispy captions. He loves involving people in his videos by making them cook live or urging them to sing him a song. His Instagram family is nearly 123k active foodies.

5-         Chaaye Biscuit – Fatima Khan:

Fatima khan is another famous Food influencer based in Islamabad. She runs her gram under the name @chaayebiscuit. She mostly reviews food from famous eateries in Islamabad. More than 23k people followed her on Instagram.

6-         Nabeel Ahmad – Insta Food Blog:

Insta Food Blog is a food page run by a famous Food blogger, Food photographer, Content writer, and graphic designer, Nabeel Ahmad. He initially started his page for photography then he switched his niche to food blogging. Now his page has a family of nearly 61.8k people.

7-         Ali Motiwala – Foodstagrampk:

Ali Motiwala is a Chef who runs a Food Blog under the username of @foodstagrampk. He reviews food outlets mainly in Karachi. Currently, he has a following of 57k on Instagram. His public gram is a mixture of Food reviews, Food photography, and Food videography in which he made videos of his own cooking and share his recipes.

8-         Riffat – Girl Gotta Eat:

Riffat Rashid is a Food enthusiast who not just reviewed food but also made her own recipes and later share it with people through her Instagram blog, Girl Gotta Eat. Her total Instagram Following is 27.5k. She loves cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and reviewing different restaurants’ food. And that’s a secret behind her massive following.

Day by day this industry is evolving and new influencers/bloggers are paving their way in it. In the next few years influencing industry is going to be the top high-paying and famous industry to join. Youth is attracted to the limelight influencers are getting every day and that’s a key reason why it is flourishing and blooming at this rate.

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