Distance Learning

As an early pioneer of online qualifications, COTHM has long been at the forefront of remote learning for creative professionals.


world-class online degree programs

Through flexible, personalized, collaborative platforms and immersive faculty-led course instruction, we make it easy for you to access our online curriculum from anywhere in the world and engage with the world-renowned faculty and forward-thinking community that make our college a hub for those seeking to advance their careers in creative fields.

Level 3 - A Level University entry courses

Introduction to Management Diploma
Business Management
Business Management

Level 4 & 5 – University 1st and 2nd year

Hotel & Hospitality
Teacher Learning
Sales & Marketing
Leadership & Team Working
Diploma in IT & Web Development
Human Resource Management
Health & Social Care
Extended Diploma in Management
Diploma in IT & Networking
Diploma in IT & E-Commerce
Diploma in IT & Computing
Management & Entrepreneurship

Level 6 (Undergrad Final Year)

Diploma in Business & Administrative Management

Level 7 (Masters/MBA)

Postgraduate Diploma in Satrategic Management

Short Courses

English Language Course
Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
The Work - Life Balance
How to Stat your Own Business

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