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The teaching kitchens at COTHM have an entirely different set of requirements. At COTHM, multiple gas and electric ranges are distributed throughout each culinary kitchen, providing students with a diversity of equipment rarely seen in any other culinary school.


Mistry Kitchen can be a high bar to meet. In a month, we use equipment more than an ambitious cook could use in two years of home cooking.

You have more options than you may think here at Mistry Kitchen which includes:

  • Individual stations for cooking
  • Equipped with audio-visual aids

Escoffier Culinary Studio

Escoffier école integrates classroom learning with hands-on experience in the kitchen. It demonstrates online culinary seminar model best for our weekly virtual culinary workshops.

Fusion and Global

COTHM has customized the student experience down to the very last detail. One of the most innovative decisions we made was to create self-contained student workspaces. We applied the kitchen concept of mise en place to our equipment—at each of the metal shelves in the kitchens, there are specific compartments for bowls, pots, pans, rolling pins, you name it. Just as prepping all the garnishes and ingredients before service helps chefs work faster, having the right tools at your fingertips is a game-changer.


On the baking side, our expansive kitchens mimic the high-volume production spaces of wholesale bakeries with oversized mixers, steam-injection deck ovens, professional sheeters and Senses oven which are only 2 in Pakistan. Beyond the obvious difference in size, COTHM’s kitchens are also working two or three times as hard as the average restaurant kitchen, making reliability and availability of service primary factors in equipment selection.

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