Pakistan Culinary League – PCL

Pakistan Culinary League” aka PCL is a competitive league that has been organized and celebrated every year by Chef Association of Pakistan (CAP) and COTHM International to spark the Passion in young Chefs, bakers and gastronomy professionals. Cook, Eat and Repeat. There is no easy path to conquer someone’s heart than with appetizing Food.

“Mise en Place and devour the exquisite of upshot”

The purpose of this league is fulfilled by holding Culinary Competitions among students of more than 12 Universities and Culinary Schools across Lahore. This biggest Gastronomy league comprises two levels and multiple categories. Categories of PCL include Pakistani Cuisine, Fast Food, Desserts, and Beverages. 


In Primary level, students of same university compete to secure their place in next level. From the First round, qualified students enter Secondary Level where participants from different universities under the supervision of CAP and COTHM compete other contestants in different categories to ace Final Round. To boost the confidence and generate a competitive environment, League planners award Prize Money and Certificates to Winners and Participants respectively.

An executive Chef brings a soul to the Recipe and make a chef-d’oeuvre. Further, COTHM campuses from all over Pakistan celebrate PCL to engage its students in Inter-campus Gastronomic Contest. Students put a lot of effort in making enticing cuisines to become a part of COTHM’s emerging young talent. 

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