COTHM was established in 2002 and by the grace of God now we have campuses in 8 major cities of Pakistan.

COTHM is affiliated with all foreign awarding bodies including:

  • Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH), UK
  • American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH & LEI), USA
  • Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK
  • Taylor’s College University, Malaysia
  • Eurhodip – The Leading Hotel Schools in Europe
  • World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)
  • Chefs’ Association of Pakistan (CAP)
  • The International Hotel School Association (Euhofa), Netherland
  • International Center for Business Communication (ICBC)
  • Learn Travel UK
  • Council on Hotels, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE), USA
  • Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE), Punjab, Pakistan

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Govt. of Punjab , Pakistan.

COTHM is recognized worldwide, after completion of your program if you are interested in moving abroad, our international office will guide you about your credit transfers and we will smooth your admission procedures as well. From more than 6000 of COTHM graduates, 50% of them are well settled abroad. COTHM students have already earned British Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6 & Level 7 qualifications) from CTH UK


It totally depends on your present qualification and your interest and aptitude but it’s very important for you to discuss your field of interest with the admission officer who will guide you more appropriately.


To get more information about your selected course, you can contact our Admission Department. Its details are available under the course description on our website and also with the course description in the Prospectus


There is no limit to the number of courses you can apply for once you pay the application fee for each course


Closing dates vary for taught programmes. For more information, please call our admission office.


Yes. Please complete the application as it is done normally. You will need to submit a copy of your certified transcript of exam results directly to our admission office as soon as you receive it.


Yes. All our courses are taught in English. Therefore, it is compulsory that you have some knowledge of the English language.


Information about fee of each program is available online on COTHM’s website. Scholarship information can also be found on this website or you can call and visit our admission department to get the exact information about fee structure and payment options.


Hospitality industry is the most honorable and rewarding field all over the world and in Pakistan too. It offers huge employment opportunities since there is a dearth of professionally trained staff. Both international and local chains belonging to hotel, travel, tourism and airline keep looking for well-qualified staff.  It is the maximum revenue generating industry with high pay scales and maximum job opportunities. COTHM programs are professional qualifications providing all the foreign certificates required. In Pakistan, we grantee you that COTHM is the only pioneer institute which offers professional and technical qualifications with international syllabus and foreign exposure


Yes. You can fill your form online and email us or submit your registration though bank. Our admission officer can fill your form over the phone


It varies from hotel to hotel but we would like to tell you that you should start from the bottom line. For all these qualifications, we offer you the best track and send you for the training/internship to introduce you with the industry norms and practices. Now it’s all up to you to get into the field, learn as much as you can and strive for the excellence. Trust us, if you work hard you will achieve your ultimate goal. It is as promising as it is in other professions like medicine and engineering.


Closing dates vary for different batches. For more information visit our website or our admission department. Please see our online prospectus and consult the individual course entry or contact the relevant department.


Yes. Registration is compulsory to get the seat in specific programs and batches.


All our programs have foreign recognitions with worldwide acceptability. Fee payments rest on your convenience. You can either pay semester wise in instalments as we offer easy installment plans as well. Installment plans will be as per your feasibility. We offer 5% discount on lump sum payment as well as to government employees and army officers.


Internships may require you work for free but the experience is priceless. Make sure you learn maximum from your internship. Keep in mind you will be working with highly qualified professional people. Keep your portfolio up-to-date by adding all new projects you work on.


Don’t think you can slack off your freshman year and make up for it later. Employers are interested in your overall performance throughout your 12-month studies at COTHM so give your best in all the semesters. Keep in mind that you will have to maintain your grades to keep your scholarships intact. We offer you internship placements where you will be able to learn and practice new skills. We arrange internships for our students at different places including hotels, restaurants, Cafes & Clubs. We normally focus on those hotels or restaurants where a student will be able to learn maximum, have live training and exposure of the practical field.


It is unpaid in Pakistan but a significant percentage of our student body gets the jobs straight away after completion of their internships. It’s totally up to your hard work and competency level. We process our students’ applications for different countries like Malaysia and UAE and they get paid internships. For further information, we suggest you to contact our international office.


We offer scholarships on all programs and it is normally applied from 2nd semester and it is performance based. If you perform well in your 1st semester and achieve 80% or above you will get scholarship. There is already a 5% discount on your tuition fee for government employee, army officer or if you want to pay lump sum fee.


We don’t offer any hostel facility yet but we have contacts of different hostels and can help you with your accommodation


We don’t offer any pick & drop facility yet but we can help you find companies who do provide pick & drop facilities


They are all competent, foreign qualified professionals working in all prominent hotel, restaurants, clubs and cafes. They are very well versed in the theory as well as the general practice of Hospitality


Job opportunities are endless after completion of these programs because these are all internationally recognized qualifications. The reason to send our student for internships is that they get training and skills within the industry and if they work hard they also get the job at the end. Most of our students get jobs in the same premises after completion of their internships.


Some of our programs are equivalent to intermediate while all other programs are accredited and accepted by worldwide colleges and hotels. The main purpose of this is to help our students move abroad easily and successfully with the help of our international office


Only University qualifications need to be recognized by HEC. At present we are operating as a college and therefore there is no need for it


Yes. They are 100 % verified by foreign affairs office.


We do have usage of Basic English in most of our programs but we can always organize IELTS classes with extra cost if needed



Before searching for a career, you will need to have an updated and well-written resume. Your resume should provide the future employers with information about your academic and employment background, major subject, degrees, your strengths and qualifications. Many programs, such as Microsoft Word, provide resume templates. You can also find hundreds of templates online. Make sure your resume is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Also, you may need to include a cover letter with information about yourself and your interest in the position.

Here is a huge range of benefits to studying via distance education:


We believe distance education is all about convenience and flexibility. You can plan your study around your work or lifestyle commitments, so you’re only studying at times convenient for you. Plus, you can improve your education without having to attend classes at a physical location. What’s more, with Stonebridge, you can study when and where you like without the stress of deadlines or time limits and complete your course at your own pace.


We don’t have the same level of high overhead costs (e.g., classrooms and large campuses) as do most traditional schools, colleges or universities, so we’re able to pass on these savings to you by reducing our course fees.


We offer over 40 home study courses for you to choose from, with an unrivalled selection of quality distance education courses accredited by some of the most respected awarding bodies like American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA-USA).


You have access to a dedicated tutor who is an experienced professional in his/her field of study. Your tutor is totally committed to helping you succeed and is on hand to answer any questions you may have, no matter how big or small. Add in it our team of friendly course advisors and professional administrators.