Yet another action-packed workshop at Chocolate Academy

Chocolate academy Pakistan hosted young chocoholics on 11th September.

The workshop at Chocolate Academy offered kids and their parents an enjoyable time, with little chefs learning to make chocolate slabs, molded chocolates, mini smoked burgers, calzones and loaded cheesy fries. The children spent exciting time in our chocolate kitchen with our skilled Chocolatiers watching the mesmerizing skill of tempering chocolate, making and tasting.

The parents accompanied their child throughout the class and enjoyed seeing them be creative and educated in the world of fine chocolate. Young chocoholics learnt the magic behind making chocolate treats before they get to make their very own!

The session began with in-depth understanding of chocolate and its origin and went on with lots of hands-on tasks throughout the workshop. At the end, everyone had their hands full of chocolates and minds full of knowledge about the medium.

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