Inauguration Ceremony of Chefs’ Association of Pakistan (Sindh & Balochistan Region)

Inauguration Ceremony of CAP (Sindh & Baluchistan region) held at Arts Council Karachi on 4th of December 2021.
The Chefs’ Association of Pakistan, founded in 2006, is an apolitical and nonprofit organization. The Chefs’ Association of Pakistan is a proud member of World Chefs, Paris – the global authority on food. The Chefs’ Association of Pakistan is the only national association of Pakistan, which is internationally recognized. It represents the finest chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, food & beverage companies, culinarians, educators, learners, and other stakeholders of Pakistan’s hospitality, culinary, travel, and tourism Industry. In that event CAP also organized the gastronomy session by Chef Muhammad Raees (Captain of National Culinary Team).

Inauguration Ceremony of Chefs’ Association of Pakistan CAP

Where Chef Muhammad Raees Demonstrate the Future Cuisine and give the Live Example to Culinary Student & the Chefs who were attending the Session. Chef Muhammad Raees was Specially Invited to this event from the United States of America
The special guests of the evening were Ahmed Shafiq (Secretary General / Founder of CAP), Sabir Ahmed (Executive Director of COTHM), Waqar Ilyas Khan (Senior Vice President, Corporate Chefs Association of Pakistan), Rao Zubair Khan (Chief Patron, CAP), Usaid Ahmed (Manager Operations COTHM Karachi), Tehseen Ahmed Qazi (Director Operations COTHM North Nazimabad )
Ahmed Shafiq (Secretary General / Founder of CAP) gives is reviews about the future of the Culinary & hospitality Industry.

He also tells the advantages of Chefs’ Association Pakistan that This is the only Chefs’ Association which was Registered in World Chef Association.
he also Congratulates the Chefs of the SindhBaluchistan Region who were gathered for their Association & as General Secretary he also ensures that CAP will work for the better future of the Culinary Industry. He also announced that CAP will make the team of young Chefs of Karachi for International Culinary Competitions. and he was also Thank full to Fresh Street for their Sponsor Ship of This Event
Waqar Ilyas Khan (Senior Vice President, Corporate Chefs Association of Pakistan) gives a detailed brief on how chefs’ association of Pakistan would helpful to newcomers to Culinary Industry. He ensures to Chefs that our Association also helps to our Chefs in Corporate Sector & will help them to make their professional lives better.

Sabir Ahmed (Executive Director of COTHM), welcome all the members of CAP in Karachi and also ensures that COTHM will always Help the Chefs Association Pakistan for their cause. In the end of the Event Honoree Membership of Chefs’ Association of Pakistan was distributed to the Chefs of Industry, Restaurants, Hospitals & Celebrity Chefs of the Sindh & Baluchistan Region.

The event was attended by students, their parents, and a large number of guests from Karachi’s hotel and the food industry. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the national anthem of Pakistan. All the Culinary students and professionals attended a session of Chef Raees, Chef Raees also interacted with the audience and talked about the future of culinary.

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