Product Photography Workshop By Nikon

COTHM Pakistan never compromises on the quality of education and skilled learning of its students. Practical learning is as much important for professional chef who aims on starting their own small or large-scale business. They must need photography skills to display their products to their audience in a professional but low-cost manner.

To convey proficient Skills on how to capture a spectacular picture through their mobile phones, Cothm Pakistan has organized a 1-day workshop on product photography. Professional cinematography coach and Nikon Representative Sir Agha Rizwan conducted this workshop regarding Food and Product Photography. 

In that day-long workshop, he imparted the ideas and techniques behind the professional shoot using your mobile phone. At the end of the workshop, Mr. Agha planned a small competition among the students on, “Who will take the best picture in a single click with his/her own cellphone”. Students took pictures of the food and Nikon gave amazing gifts to the best picture creators.

The main purpose of conducting this workshop is to make students start their own businesses where they don’t have to worry about getting their product photo shot by a professional. COTHM is always one step ahead when its about imparting technical education to its students. This workshop provides a totally new perspective and dimensions that can inspire and encourage personal growth and creativity in photography.



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