A foodie’s guide in lockdown

There’s more to lockdown life than Netflix and instant noodles! Here are 4 ways for foodies to keep busy, support restaurants, and plan for the future.

This period of isolation, frugality, and enforced simplicity has taught us many things about food and cooking. We have put together a guide to help you make the best of your kitchen resources and discover ideas and techniques that will come in handy now and always.

Takeaway Treats

Need a break from cooking? Support local restaurants by ordering delicious food, sweet treats, and even cocktails to enjoy at home.

Maintain Your Bucket List

Keep track of all the places you want to try or revisit once lockdown is lifted. This is the ideal time to do your research and find the perfect restaurant for your next anniversary, birthday, or family lunch.

Support small enterprises

If you can, skip the stressful supermarket queue and support smaller independent shops and local eateries instead. You could try a new delivery service since lots of restaurant suppliers and home-based businesses are now doing home delivery.

Stay Socially Connected

Stay engaged and show your support by following your favorite chefs, restaurants, and food bloggers on social media. You’ll be rewarded with cooking tutorials, kitchen hacks and tips, workouts, and more! You could also take a few minutes to write a review and spread the word about your favorite places to eat.

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