Government to Launch Brand Pakistan to Promote Tourism Globally

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Chairman National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB), Zulfi Bukhari announced earlier this month that the government will launch a project named ‘Brand Pakistan’ later this year to take Pakistan tourism to new heights.

For the said purpose, an e-portal about the hotels’ ratings, weather, traffic, and other information regarding tourist destinations in the country has also been prepared.

“We have formulated a comprehensive policy on tourism from 2020 to 2030 and with that, we have also introduced a five-year action plan. Like other countries, Pakistan has launched a program to promote tourism which was delayed due to the coronavirus,” he said.

He was convinced that the project would assist in providing the best experience of hospitality and boost the tourism sector in the country by establishing 25 to 30 hotels in the coming years.

In another development, Pakistan will host the World Tourism Forum this year to tout the country’s tourism potential across the globe, especially among the countries of the D-8 (developing 8) bloc. Notably, the five-day event will be attended by over 1,000 foreign visitors.

The tourism ministers from eight countries, including Iran and Turkey, will visit Pakistan in line with the government’s initiative to reform the tourism sector.

Similarly, another PTDC official reported that the service will include offerings like “a 10-year roadmap for tourism promotion, a 5-year action plan and a backdrop on national minimum standards for the hospitality sector”.

In a nutshell, the 10-year tourism roadmap under ‘Brand Pakistan’ is guided by the government’s 2020-2030 vision will be a great push for the hospitality and tourism industry by ensuring the utilization of the country’s natural, cultural, historical, and geographical assets, which have suffered a massive blow in past few years.

Furthermore, the government has also devised a five-year National Tourism Action Plan (2020-2025) to boost long-term tourism in the country.

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