Admission Policies

Application Form

A student wishing to attend COTHM shall complete an application form. This application form shall be signed by the student and his-her financial sponsor. The application form and any attachments shall be completed truthfully and where a student knowingly or unknowingly provides false or misleading information the College Council may require the student to leave the college without any entitlement to a refund of fees.

The college council may specify that students who wish to commence a course of study shall apply for admission by a particular date. An application submitted after that date will not necessarily be accepted. And if accepted will incur such late admission fee as the College Council may determine from time to time.

Language Pre-Requisite

Each student applying for entry to the College shall submit with his or her application such evidence as the College may require from time to time of proficiency in English (reading, writing, oral and comprehension). Numbers of students to be admitted to any program and may determine the method by which students will be admitted.

The Academic Council may require any student to undergo any oral or written examination set by the Academic Council to confirm such proficiency.Status / subject Exemption COTHM may grant status or partial status for prior studies and work experience. However taking final examination is compulsory.

Payment of Fee

Each prospective student shall include with his or her application for admission for each semester a deposit of an amount determined from time to time by the College Council.Such deposit shall be non-refundable. The fees shall be paid by the local and international students on prescribed due date after the issuance of Acceptance Letter.Failure of a student to comply strictly with these requirements can seriously compromise his/her situation concerning enrollment,academic results etc. and COTHM will not be responsible for the consequences of a student failing to notify the College of a change of address.

Students who wish to withdraw from any program shall make application through the Director.Refund payments shall be at the sole discretion of the College Council and all decision relating thereto shall be final and conclusive.The College shall treat all applications and negotiation for withdrawal in strict confidence.A student who is expelled or suspended shall have no right to any refund of payment made.The COTHM course is to be undertaken continuously from Semester 1 to its completion.

Any student who wishes to discontinue is free to do so and a student who has discontinued wishing to re-enroll at a later date must make an application to the Enrollment Office. Any student who wishes to re-enroll at a later date can be reinstated according to his / her level determined by the Enrollments Office and a new fee shall apply to all re-enrolled students.

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