Chocolate Academy’s CDFA is a recipe for success

Chocolate Academy is offering a new qualification in Cake Decoration and Fondant Art CDFA, to help fill a national skills shortage. Keen bakers can now turn their passion into a career and get qualified in cake decoration which gets underway in November 2021.

Our chef, Faiza Iqbal, said: “Baking is on Pakistan’s skills shortage list – so with bakers in hot demand, now is a great time to train. Lahore has many restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and supermarkets, so there are lots of job opportunities in this field.”

The students are taught by an expert chef with many years of experience and talent who will show you the fundamental techniques you need to succeed in entry-level employment in the industry. Enjoy small and affordable classes that are local and easily accessible, where you will experience one-on-one, hands-on instruction on cake decoration, fondant making, fondant application, and fondant art.

Taking advantage of one of the most modern instructional kitchens in Lahore, the students of our very first batch produced novelty and traditionally finished cakes of different shapes and sizes, as well as sculpt cake toppers. Two complimentary sessions were also organized for the participants to teach them how to create a social media presence for their newfound skills in cake artistry, as well as vital knowledge in food hygiene practices.

The one-month program CDFA was concluded with a competition. Each class students baked their base cake and brought their decorating supplies as per their theme plan like fondant, buttercream, gems, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

The activity was planned to boost their creative ability. Expert chefs were supervising and guiding the students to come out with their best creativity. Students had fun decorating the cake as a team and enjoyed the activity. Each competitor had three hours to set up their cake and complete their cake decorating. Expert chefs from notable patisseries judged the competition and awarded the winners with cash prizes and certificates.

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