Nutrition & Health Level 3 Workshop highlights bad eating habits

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COTHM and Diet Studio teamed up to organize 3-days workshops on 12th, 13th & 14th October to help that intent on getting healthy.

Throughout the workshop, expert dietician Dr. Ayesha Iftikhar coached the participants to create realistic and achievable health and wellness goals. The interactive workshops created open discussion to help combat common weight loss challenges such as managing a sweet tooth to tackling late-night cravings.

During this workshop, the attendees explored the opportunities to reduce the risk of health problems with a balanced diet and transform the lives of people with better and healthy meals, because healthy is never boring. Notably, 2-days were assigned for the theoretical concepts of Nutrition & Health & on the third-day students were grouped to develop healthy meals based on the recipes with calorie counting. Students went through an International assessment exam from Highfield UK and upon their successful qualification, they will be awarded an International Accredited certificate.

It is well documented that early life events, including nutrition, play a powerful role in programming a person’s development, metabolism, and health for the future. There is an enormous potential for improving the health of future generations through appropriate nutrition. The workshop was a groundbreaking opportunity for the participants to identify the means to make budget-friendly, calorie counted yet delicious recipes that can have a greater impact on nutrition in all its forms.

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